IMAGINATION • 2021 is THE year.

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

For months we have been weaving strong relationships with various important bodies to create an extraordinary and unprecedented event. We have already pre-reserved 15'000m2 and hundreds of hotel rooms in connection with Lausanne Tourisme to welcome all exhibitors who will have the kindness to give us their trust, as happened in these 11 years of SWISS CREATIVE LAB activity ... we hope very soon to be able to update you definitely. WE ARE 100% INDEPENDENT AND WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM OF TRADE, THE BASIS OF OUR ECONOMIC STRUCTURES, AND WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT AND FAVOR THE SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE INDEPENDENT BRANDS THAT ARE THE BASIS OF 75% OF THE ECONOMY OF OUR COUNTRY and THE WESTERN COUNTRIES. Your support and the positive reputation that we also have thanks to you, serves all this, and we will all emerge victorious!

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