Social, ecological, economic, these are the 3 factors of sustainability.


Some touch us very closely on a daily basis, others less so, some have influence in our life, others have it more in life than others, but should these be the reasons to be less interested?


ECO does not rhyme with EGO, yet the world is full of EGO.


This introduction does not want to have a cynical taste, but it is only to emphasize that many problems in the world sometimes we look at them from afar believing that they cannot influence us, yet sooner or later we will be involved in one way or another, therefore, it is true it's worth taking an interest in it immediately, even if not in a 'nerdy' way but at least becoming aware of it.


But let's first try to understand what is meant by 'sustainability'.


The Treccani encyclopedia explains, among other things:


"In the environmental and economic sciences, a condition of development capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own. The concept of sustainability is was introduced during the first UN conference on the environment in 1972, although only in 1987, with the publication of the so-called Brundtland report, was the objective of sustainable development clearly defined which, after the UN conference on environment and development in 1992 , has become the new paradigm of development itself. "


Therefore, new stuff ... but 1992 has only been over 30 years ago, and honestly, the general awareness of environmental and ecosystem problems are on the agenda, the new generations are fighting to see them affirmed and that they do concrete steps forward and not 2 steps forward and 3 backward, as often happens in humanity.


I was 7 years old in 1972, I lived in Ticino, in Chiasso where I followed all my schooling.


Today, 55 years old, I cannot say that I am not sensitive to these topics, I have always been interested, without having exaggeratedly deepened them, and I wonder if I already had this awareness at a young age.


Of course as a teenager I was part of the WWF, I fought against vivisection, I was interested in the topics articulated by people like Hans Ruesch, and today, as an entrepreneur, since everything revolves around boring money, I can put aside this conscience, not caring about these topics ?


Can being an entrepreneur rhyme with curator? Of course, you just need to be willing to lose something today to earn it or make it earn tomorrow. We are not the owners of this world, we are just tenants, and as hopefully the person before me who used the toilet leaves it in an 'acceptable' state, so must we.


It all starts with a daily, intimate and personal mental exercise, without drastic changes but with concerted changes in our habits, the use we make of the everyday already has a huge influence, and if we all do it, without making it an annoying bugbear, then the results will soon be seen and we will derive a deep and stable personal satisfaction, a good conscience!


"Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris." this sentence is taken from the first verses of the Bible, Genesis 3:19, which remind us that man was taken from the earth, and he will return to the earth, therefore, we are the earth, we are part of it and whether it is of social, ecological or economic aspects, we are all involved, like it or not.


For these simple reasons, IMAGINATION and Swiss Creative Events GmbH and my person will always be sensitive and available to support or sponsor ethical, social or environmental actions for the good of all, appreciating from the depth the gift that our landlord has given us.

Carlo Enea Naldi   —   CEO IMAGINATION    —   Swiss Creative Events Gmbh