Andrea Furlan, born in Geneva in 1992, created his own studio in 2019, after some years spent in the watch industry between Geneva, Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and Los Angeles.
A sensitive line, a strong attention to details, Andrea has always been attentive to the final consumer.
Borrowing from sincere emotions, a touch of eccentricity, his sense of detail and perfection takes shape during his many experiences in the biggest watchmaking companies such as Chopard, Hublot, Sarcar, HD3 Complication or Dominique Renaud SA, the legendary watchmaker, whom he will accompany for years to give life to a unique and exceptional watch.
His first sign for watchmaking passion will come after an internship at Chopard, where he took part in the creation of a pendant for an international swiss tennis star player. His second sign was nothing more than his meeting with Jean-Claude Biver, who will inspire him since 2008, during an internship at Hublot.
During his studies at ECAL (école cantonale d'art de Lausanne), he was able to take part in various product and industrial design projects, meet and work for international designers and brands (Nestlé, Freitag, LaCie, MUDAC, Mark Braun, Pauline Deltour) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).
In 2019, after having worked between China (Shenzhen / Hong Kong) and Los Angeles for various clients and watchmaking groups, he opened his design studio between Geneva and Hong Kong, in order to support clients in the creation process, Brand identity and DNA, 3D renderings and consulting services as well.
Among other things, he founded several brands (2020) in watchmaking and product design.
The Studio can help in design process and ideas, 3D renderings, rapid prototyping, technical drawings or 3D constructions and contacts (sourcing) thanks to its partners in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dubai and Los Angeles.
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