CARLO ENEA NALDI • Karl von Edelberg | Founder & CEO | Carlo founded the SCL and is the mind behind the str concept. He deals with the artistic and technical development of the various editions, divides the spaces, assigns them to the various brands and develops new ideas for further international developments. With enthusiasm he organised the SCL in the USA, in China as well as various editions in Italy and obviously in Switzerland. +41 79 301 04 67


ANTONINA NALDI | Customer Care | Events | Accounting | From the beginning Antonina has dealt with the administration of the various business activities with wisdom and ability and has been esteemed and appreciated by customers all over the world. Antonina speaks several languages. +41 76 365 04 56


VITO del GALLO | Graphic Design | Customer Support | Vito is a designer, artist and graphic designer with 40 years of experience. He has experienced the technological advances of recent decades, always knowing that he remains up to date. We are happy to count it in our team and we appreciate all the various projects we can tackle together. He is your contact for graphic issues. Vito speaks several languages. +41 79 321 86 83


ALLAN CORVAISIER | Photography | Products shooting | Art Photography Allan collaborates with the Swiss Creative Lab not only, also with the naldi.swis, with the St'Art Gallery Geneva and also Edelberg. He is a talented photographer who is particularly active in the fashion world but with considerable ability in taking artistic images of products. He is always looking to improve and accept new challenges. +33 6 516 620 92 photography@swisscreativel

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