About Us
For 24 years at the service of creativity
24 years of business activities
(288 months, 1248 weeks, 8736 days, 209664 hours, 12’579’840 minutes, 754’790’400 seconds)
1996 - 2020

| Pandora Ltd liab. Co. was founded in 1996 in Lausanne, to promote exclusive product in different sectors.​
The company is now based in Zug, in German-speaking Switzerland.
After an interesting debut in the textile sector, for which we manufactured ties, scarves and shirts for Pandora Collection and Made on Measure's Etrusco Extra-Ordinary Clothes brands, we specialised in the distribution of lifestyle products, especially prestigious writing instruments, such as Aurora, Visconti, Delta, Marlen, Pineider, Sailor and others. www.naldi.swiss
The pens that they distributed, however, needed boxes for collectors, so in 1999 we started to make the first designs and the first productions that we distributed through the Swiss and worldwide sales channels of writing instruments.
In 2000 the quality of these boxes has been noted in the world of watchmaking, this intrigued us and even brought us closer to this world ... great opportunities loomed!​
| The same we took part in the professional exhibition for the EPHJ watch, today the absolute leader in the sector, at that time it was held in Lausanne and we took part in it for 9 years with great success. Thus the list of prestige brands began to increase substantially, Rolex, Omega, Greubel-Forsey, Jacob & Co., Motorola, to name a few. From the world of watchmaking we have also served the world of jewelry, telephony, the luxury food sector and, our course, writing instruments.​
| With our wide range of products and ideas, we are considered as one of the most reliable partners, both in Switzerland and abroad.
In 2012 we founded CreativeTexStyle operating in the textile sector and specialised in materials such as microfiber, cotton, felt and leather. These materials are used, among other things, for the care and maintenance of jewellery, precious metals, precious stones, watches, sunglasses, several other objects and work benches. Today this activity is connected with naldi.swiss
Thanks to our new business organisation, we can now offer our customers a full range of solutions such:
• Packaging and wood and leather products, as well as products made of innovative materials
• Displays for product presentation with professional lighting systems 
• Workbenches for watchmakers
• Professional graphics solutions for guarantee certificates
• Technical textiles for the care and maintenance of jewellery, precious stones, watches, writing instruments, precious metals
• Custom safes and security systems
• Private-label custom writing instruments
• Exclusive gift packages.
| In 2008, we opened Style of Zug selling prestigious brands such as Montblanc, Caran d’Ache, Graf von Faber Castell, Cartier, Visconti, Montegrappa and many others. The store is today lead by Antonina, Samuel and Keren Naldi. Now we have a web store with more than 1000 products updated daily. styleofzug.ch
| In 2009 we created and founded a separate entity, the Edelberg AG, based in Zug.
From 2013 Edelberg annually recognizes the "Writing Wrongs Award - Edelberg" to a company or institution for their humanitarian or social engagement. edelberg.swiss
| In 2010, we successfully created SwissCreativeLab, a private marketing, expo and concept store. SCL has organised successful events in China, USA, Italy, Switzerland. Through this structure now we provide many services to companies. swisscreativelab.com​
| In 2019 Carlo become partner of ST'ART Gallery Geneva, where is now the animator and art curator.
Many activities of the gallery are strong connected with the SwissCreativeLab. startgallery-geneva.ch
| In 2020 we founded an external entity called Swiss Creative Events Gmbh based in Zug, which will take care of the administration of the activity of the Swiss Creative Lab and also of the new IMAGINATION project.
100% independenT, like you!
The future is our destination, because it is in the future that we want to live!
| Philip Astley (8 January 1742 - 27 January 1814) had a vision, he wanted his profession to acquire more interest from the public and above all he could have a future.
| He loved so much what he did that he wanted everyone to benefit in any way, either actively or passively. His destination was the future!
| But why Astley? Because he wanted to amplify his work by associating it with other related activities, making sure that they all exploited each other and that they could derive mutual benefit.
| And so he sat at a table and imagined an activity that could incude his beloved horses with other artistic and acrobatic activities, and so he conceived the modern circus.
| The Swiss Creative Lab I like to see it this way, a set of creative and productive activities connected to each other with synapses and although they maintain their individuality they draw a common benefit.
| Everything was born from the study of partnership opportunities, and the idea matured thanks to honest collaborations with the various partners that I had the pleasure of implying and who benefited in various ways from the organization that was perfected over time.
| Today, after 11 years of activities and investments, we are proud to still be 100% independent.
| The SCL took place in Switzerland, China, America, Italy and many new activities are planned.
| As an entrepreneur I created various activities, and although they are different in many respects from each other, they are all grouped together under the same star, that of creativity, love of beauty, aesthetics, and the desire to involve everyone!
| I sincerely thank the hundreds of brands, customers, partners and friends, as well as the tens of thousands of visitors and customers who have supported and visited us over the years, without you all nothing would have been possible.
| But above all I thank my family for their help, their trust and patience (... with me it takes so much!) That they have shown me and to continue building on the bases that I humbly established over the last 30 years.
| The future is mine and your destination, let's go together!
Carlo E. Naldi | Founder and CEO